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Kathy Sierra: Creating Passionate Users at TOC

We’d hoped to get Kathy Sierra at our Tools of Change for Publishing conference, but had to settle for a video. I interviewed Kathy a couple of months ago about her approach to creating passionate users via the “I rule” moment, what publishers of all stripes (as well as anyone making presentations) can learn from her ideas about storyboarding non-fiction, as well as such things as why people are turned on by learning new skills, and why every day can be a kind of hero’s quest.

That turns out to be good news, since we can share that video with you. (More video from the conference coming soon.)

The video we showed at the conference is about a half-hour long, cut from a much longer interview of about two hours. We hope to have more material from the original longer interview available on Safari soon.

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  1. Kathy’s words and extremely inspiring to me and I miss her writings on Creating Passionate Users. I have learned a lot from her blog and I hope she would write again sometime

    Thank you O’Reilly for sharing this interview, its precious to people like me who’s lives Kathy has influenced.

  2. Tim,

    Thank you for posting this. I have benefitted so much from conversations with Kathy over the years and am glad that you shared this one with all.


  3. She became so affected by a forum post about her, she immediately gave up her blog.

    Everyone thought she would eventually return, but she has not done so – but she is still doing conferences and videos about the blog.

  4. I was so sad to hear that Kathy stopped her blog
    creating passionate users. She is brilliant.
    I am passionate about hearing what she has to share. Thanks for this.