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Which Neil Gaiman Title Would You Like to See Online?

American Gods coverNeverwhere coverA hidden gem for Radar readers in the HarperCollins announcement that I blogged earlier is the fact that Neil Gaiman is asking his fans which of his books should he make available for free online. According to HarperCollins Group President Brian Murray, Gaiman had already received more than 10,000 votes as of last night, less than 24 hours after first making the offer. American Gods is apparently leading in the voting. My personal favorite is Neverwhere. Please note: book links in the preceding sentence are voting links. Go to Neil’s site if you want to vote for other books.

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  1. ‘Neverwhere’ links to … anywhere but what you intended.

  2. Sorry about that Felipe. Fixed now.

  3. I loved Neverwhere as well.

  4. I’d be happy if Neverwhere will win the “race” 🙂

  5. Those “voting links” are a bad idea, as they misuse HTTP GETat least six of those 10,000 votes were made by Googlebot 🙂

    (not your fault for linking to them, a bad implementation choice on their part)