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Ebooks and the Iphone (Publishing Frontier)

So by selling books as $5 iPhone books instead of $7 paperbacks, the publisher makes $0.90 per book. And, of course, if the publisher charged $6.99 for the iPhone book, the numbers would be $4.89 received from Apple – $0.70 royalty – $0.05 PPB [printing, paper, binding] – $0.40 art, promotion, etc = $3.74, or a profit of $2.09 over the paper book.

Wikipedia gets fictional (Seth’s Blog)

A consistent rule on Wikipedia has been to rely on edited print publications (the mainstream media) as well as physical or unchanging materials (like the DVD of a TV show). This made sense five years ago, but as the world abandons print reference (which Wikipedia largely relies on for verification), are we biasing the entries in favor of Abraham Lincoln (plenty of printed facts available) and TV series characters (we can prove that George [Costanza] worked for Vandalay Industries)?

The difference between media and comms (The Equity Kicker)

The challenge for socnets [social networks] is that people are getting bored of accumulating friends and profile hopping and there is no obvious new entertainment service to build. Hence the platform strategy.

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