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10 Things Ebook Merchants Should Offer

Jane at Dear Author has a wonderful list of 10 things ebook merchants should be providing as a matter of course. Here’s just one example, but read the whole list:

Buy a for a friend. The only site that offers this feature is Fictionwise. Amazon does not even offer this for Kindle which makes no sense. When a reader wants to buy a book for a friend, she wants to buy a specific book. She doesn’t want to send a generic gift certificate and hope her friend uses it for said book.

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Comment: 10 Things Ebook Merchants Should Offer

  1. I especially agree with the DRM issue. When I buy books in a brick and mortar store, that book is mine to keep forever, and even hand it to a friend to read if I feel so inclined.

    DRM on ebooks has stopped me from buying many an ebook since I’m afraid of losing my book forever when a store goes under or changes their policies.