New Sony E-Reader Has Touchscreen, No Web Connection

Sony Reader PRS-700Web connectivity has always been the key difference between the Kindle and Sony’s Reader. With Sony’s release of its third-generation e-reader, Web connectivity is still the big separator. The PRS-700 is faster and offers more storage than its predecessors, but it does not include a Wi-Fi or cellular option.

The PRS-700’s most notable upgrades are an LED reading light and a touchscreen interface. From CNET’s Crave:

Like the iPhone and other next-gen touch-screen phones that have been appearing lately, the Reader incorporates some gesture-based commands. You can swipe your finger across the display to page forward or back (you can choose between a left or right swipe to advance pages in the settings menu). Swiping and holding your finger down at the end of the swipe allows you to advance or rewind through pages at a fast clip.

The new Reader will be available in November for $399.99.

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