StartWithXML Research Paper: A Work in Progress

The January forum will be accompanied by a research paper whose content is informed by a combination of publisher interviews, supplier discussions, two surveys and the conversation that continues on this blog. If you haven’t had an opportunity to answer the publisher survey, this is the week: it closes on October 10.

Based on the feedback we have received from publishers and suppliers, we have started to refocus some parts of the original research paper outline, which you can read here. Changes we are planning include:

  • moving the current first section to the appendix, so that we can …
  • start by making the case for why publishers should consider XML now

We are also adding two practical components, an XML “starter kit” (what do you need to get off the ground?) and an XML “checklist” (what kinds of things should you consider before undertaking an approach that starts with XML?)

The outline guides us, and it remains a work in progress. We welcome any comments you may have on its contents or structure.

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