Sulzberger: "Be of the Internet, Not on the Internet"

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. indicates he is willing to consider radical change to continue the New York Times’ relevance in the digital age. From

Sulzberger would brand this not as a crisis, but rather as change that requires adaptation. “It’s important for traditional companies to adopt strategies that enable us to be of the Internet, not on the Internet,” he said. “There must be an institutional commitment to engage in reinvention, especially as the information revolution picks up steam.”

That’s why, he said, the Times has undergone some digital initiatives unusual for the print media business. It launched bookmarking and sharing service TimesPeople earlier this year. Soon, it will launch TimesExtra, which integrates acquisition Blogrunner onto the publication’s home page to provide related links from across the Web. And it has also announced an API for developers to work with one of its most popular online features, the “Most Emailed” list.

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