TOC Recommended Reading

The Future Is A Foreign Country (Timo Hannay, Nascent)

As with my journey to Japan, my personal response to all this internet-enabled weirdness was one of almost unadulterated joy. The fact that it is disrupting publishing is, I think, the single most important reason that I’ve come into the industry. How boring the last 550 years since Gutenberg have been. Until now.

Ok Entrepreneurs, Time to Step Up (Brad Feld, Feld Thoughts)

When I look back at the dotcom apocalypse that was 2000 – 2002, I realize some of the best companies I’ve ever been involved in were created during that time. In the midst of this, I remember the endless stream of “the Internet is over” and “the information technology business in now a mature business and there will never be innovation again.” Yeah – whatever.

Watching Books (Richard Curtis, TeleRead)

As successive generations accustomed to being diverted by watching, rather than by reading, enter the editorial workforce, impatience with printed text is demonstrably increasing, as we can see in the sharp decline of newspapers and magazines. Books require a commitment of time and attention that we either don’t have or aren’t willing to give. The temptation to skip or skimp is strong. One editor confessed to me, “I tend to scan manuscripts on screen rather than read them the way I do a printed text.” We must therefore ask ourselves whether instead of reading books on screen, we are watching them.

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