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New Tech Mixes Book Experience with Sensors

A new form of hybrid book is coming on the market — and the
inventor consults with Apple. From the Guardian UK:

Lyndsay Williams
who has already developed the PC sound card, SmartQuill, and
SenseCam — is now
working on SenseBooks, and the first of a series will be published
next year.

SenseBooks are a hybrid of paper and computer intelligence, and
will have MP3 quality audio from an ARM processor and a gigabyte of
storage. Williams says SenseBooks “will know when the user picks up
the book and looks at a page”:

A proximity sensor detects this and can light up pages or make
music. What is also useful is the book has sensors to know what page
it is on, can send a wireless message to a PC and open up a web page
with more information on. Current applications include children’s
teaching books, music books, cookery books etc.

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Comment: New Tech Mixes Book Experience with Sensors

  1. why bother with the ball-and-chain
    of a physical entity when its utility is
    anchored in “the nearby p.c.”?

    this idea makes no sense to me at all.

    and it made no sense when kelaidis
    did his pony show either. (the fact
    that print publishers were enamored
    enough to give it a standing ovation
    only shows how out of touch they are,
    desperate to cling to the physical side.)