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Coverage of StartWithXML

Turns out I was not the only one on Twitter for the StartwithXML Forum on January 13th. Joe Bachana was tweeting as well. Kind of interesting to see the posts side-by-side. David Rothman of Teleread also has some great things to say, as does Richard Curtis over at e-reads.

We also got nice coverage from PW, as well as Publishers Lunch.

Slides will be up soon!

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Comment: Coverage of StartWithXML

  1. Thanks for the Twitter compilation, Laura. Joe Bachana seems pretty harsh on the solutions overview presentation I gave in the afternoon, something I thought I’d address here.

    Part of the afternoon agenda at the forum covered the vendors working in the XML workspace. While Bachana started by describing my presentation as an infomercial, in fact I shared both our approach (documenting a publishing value chain, outlining 14 vendor segments and mapping those segments to a value chain) and an overview of more than two dozen vendors mapped to various product and service segments.

    The conference was sponsored by three firms, and those three firms do appear in the vendor map. So do more than 20 others. We were clear that the vendor list was representative, and we cautioned forum participants to use it as a guide and test our characterizations for greater depth.

    Later in my remarks, Bachana seemed concerned that his firm was not listed. While consulting services is one of the vendor segments, we did not evaluate firms who provide only consulting services. If we had, then my own firm, or those of my colleagues, could have made the list as well. THAT would have been an infomercial.

    I think it’s easy to come across as snarky, especially in short-form posts like those offered by Twitter. Perhaps I am misreading Bachana’s intent. If so, perhaps he can amplify his remarks in a follow-on comment.