Are Ebook Device Makers Missing the Market?

Over on Dear Author, Jane Litte suggests current ebook device marketers aren’t effectively targeting what is likely the most influential segment of their market — women:

The idea is to get women thinking that the vehicle fits into their lives, rather than the woman fitting her life around the vehicle. The most recent Kindle 2.0 ad shows a business man leaning up against the post reading a Kindle and a woman on the beach reading her Kindle, all alone. Seriously? What woman has frequent escapes to the beach where she is alone!

Ads need to show women reading on the bus, train, subway. Ads should show a woman leaning against a post waiting for a ride or in her SUV waiting to pick up the kids from practice or in the lunch line or grocery store line or waiting at the post office or in the doctor’s waiting room. The point of the ads should be that the device is there whereever a woman is, whenever a woman wants it. It should not point out that the only time you can read an ebook is when you are alone and in the park.

Lot of great stuff — the full post is well worth a read (and props to the Dear Author folks for a killer iPhone version of their blog).

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