At TOC: Drawing for Pre-loaded Sony Reader Signed by Tim O'Reilly

Though much of the ebook buzz today has been around Kindle and Plastic Logic, the Sony Reader has a real following, and the company’s new touch-screen version is by far the most elegant-looking reader I’ve come across (check out this session on Wednesday for a look at the device landscape). Because Sony (wisely) supports EPUB natively, it’s a great fit with our ebook bundles.


Sony has kindly donated a PRS-700 for the TOC Conference, and to celebrate crossing the 400-title milestone for titles available as ebook bundles today, we’re giving it away, pre-loaded with as many of them as I can fit on an 8GB SD card in EPUB format, and signed by Tim O’Reilly. Here’s a photo of the reader:


That’s more than $12,000 in ebooks! All paid TOC attendees (sorry speakers, press, and staff) are eligible, and we’ll announce the winner on Wednesday (you must be present to win).

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