The "O'Reilly Bump" and Bookworm

During his TOC Keynote, Tim O’Reilly talked about how the status he confers through “retweets” on Twitter are really just another form of publishing, not much different from the status we confer on authors by publishing them, or speakers by featuring them (especially at multiple conferences), or hackers by inviting them to Foo Camp.

On the Web, the effects are easily measured, and Liza Daly has a post over at O’Reilly Labs talking about the bump Bookworm got from the association with O’Reilly. Her graph tells the main story, but digging deeper reveals some notable nuggets (emphasis in the original):

Because of this integration [with Stanza], iPhone and iPod Touch users account for 10-20% of all visitors to Bookworm on any given day

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