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O'Reilly Ebooks Now In Stanza Online Catalog

Just in time for Read an Ebook Week O’Reilly’s 400+ ebooks are now available for direct purchase and download on your iPhone or iPod Touch from within Stanza‘s Online Catalog. Buying ebooks this way gives you the same flexible, DRM-free ebook bundles as buying through oreilly.com (because you are buying from oreilly.com via Stanza). That means 3 ebook formats and free lifetime updates (and did we mention no DRM?).

To celebrate the Stanza news (and Read an Ebook Week) you’ll automatically get 40% off any ebooks purchased on Stanza through March 15 for a limited time.

If you have Stanza on your iPhone or iPod (it’s free — click here to get it), here’s how to get to the O’Reilly Ebook Store. From your Stanza Library, click the Online Catalog link:

Stanza Library.PNG

From there, select “O’Reilly Ebooks” to browse by Bestsellers, New Releases, or All titles:

O'Reilly Catalog.PNG

Select the title you want to see a description:

Select Title.PNG

Book Info.PNG

Press “Add to Cart” to buy the ebook, which will take you through to the O’Reilly shopping cart to complete the transaction (you’ll need to create an O’Reilly account if you don’t already have one). We’re working to make the purchase experience a bit more mobile friendly, but wanted to roll this out right away. There is an awkward step when you’ll see what appears to be some gibberish in a confirmation dialog — go ahead and click download:

Confirm Download.PNG

We’re working with the Stanza folks to try and make that a little cleaner.

If your download is interrupted — or if you ever want to re-download an ebook you’ve already purchased — you can always return to your purchased ebooks by visiting the “My Bookshelf” link from the O’Reilly Catalog in Stanza (or by pointing your iPhone to oreilly.com/e or visiting members.oreilly.com from any web browser):

Select My Bookshelf.PNG

My Bookshelf Sign In.PNG

We’ll be adding new titles, free samples, and more ways to browse, search, and sort in the coming weeks.

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  1. Awesome news! I’ve had a Safari subscription for awhile and enjoyed it, but I’ve always wanted an easy way to read my books offline.

    Now, if only there was an easy way to get this content on my Sony eReader. Saving to PDF isn’t really a good option as it doesn’t display well on the Sony. Any movement towards a Sony-friendly format?

    (we Internet users are never satisfied, lol!)

  2. Hi Mike,

    The Sony Reader can in fact read EPUB files natively. Visit your account page at members.oreilly.com/emedia and download the EPUB version of the book(s) you’d like to read on your Sony Reader. Then use the Sony Library software to add those EPUB files to your Sony Reader (consult your Sony Reader documentation for instructions specific to your model).

  3. Whoops! I just took a look at the O’Reilly site and I noticed that a Sony Reader eBook format is now available.


  4. This is rad. I love Stanza and this just makes it better 🙂

  5. congratulations! :+)

    looks like your workflow is flowing… ;+)


  6. I installed Stanza to my Windows desktop. There doesn’t appear to be a Library or Online Catalog available in the desktop version. How do I get this offer via the desktop version?

  7. @Chaim: The Stanza Online Catalog is only available on the iPhone or iPod Touch. If you’re using your desktop, you’d probably be better off browsing to O’Reilly’s Ebook’s page. After you’ve purchased some titles that interest you, download the ePub file from your My Account—Electronic Library.

    While we like Stanza on the iPhone, the Desktop version is considerably more limited in the formatting it supports. You might consider Adobe’s free Digital Editions, which also reads PDF files. Alternately, the Bookworm reader renders ePub beautifully inside your web browser and has great support for mobile devices. It also saves your place between sessions and across devices.

  8. andrew said:
    > While we like Stanza on the iPhone, the Desktop version is
    > considerably more limited in the formatting it supports.

    you’re too “kind”, i.e., dishonest. it _sucks._ really bad.

    > You might consider Adobe’s free Digital Editions,

    it sucks too. but not nearly as badly.

    > Alternately, the Bookworm reader renders ePub beautifully

    for some definitions of “beautifully”, maybe.
    but not if you really use the term properly…

    > the Bookworm reader renders ePub beautifully
    > inside your web browser

    and therein lies the problem.

    “beautifully” and “inside your web browser”
    are pretty much a contradiction-in-terms,
    in 2009, which means it’s always been so…

    will browsers ever display books “beautifully”?
    maybe. you might get old and die first, though.

    but why wait for browsers to get up to speed?

    it’s already possible to wrap webkit in an app
    — it’s trivial, programming-wise — so there
    is no reason not to call on the extra resources
    readily available to a standalone offline app to
    beef up the reading experience for people…

    therefore, even if it eventually gets “beautiful”,
    reading in a browser will be wearing handcuffs.


  9. @Chaim — the “Online Catalog” feature is only available when using Stanza on your iPhone or iPod Touch. You can get the same 40% offer by using discount code STANZACAT when purchasing any ebook from oreilly.com.

  10. I have purchased over the years thosands of dollars worth of O’Reilly books. Do I need to purchase the ebook again? (I think likely, but it does not hurt to ask).


  11. First off, thanks for all your purchases. It goes without saying that it’s customers like you who allow us to keep innovating.

    Regarding having to buy all those books again, we’re about to launch an Ebook Upgrade program that will allow you to buy the electronic version of any O’Reilly print book for $4.99. This program will launch before the end of this month.

    If for some reason you need some books before then you can contact our customer service folks at http://oreilly.com/oreilly/cs/ .

    Let me know if you have any further questions about this.

    Regards, –Allen [allen at oreilly dot com]

  12. It is good news because I own a lot of your books. And it is a bit sad news because I already bought a couple of ebooks where I already had a paper version of it. You can’t win them all can you, but I still think this is the way publishers should make their publications available. Thanks

  13. A quick question to O’Reilly e-book users: Which e-book reader is the best one for reading O’Reilly e-books in your opinion – disregarding any other (dis-)advantages, just how well e-books work with it (normal reading, code layout, tables/images, looking up/searching for stuff, following links etc.)?

  14. I had purchased some O’Reilly titles via iTunes that were packaged with stanza. These were not purchased through stanza. Is it possible to get credit for them on “My Bookshelf”?

  15. Hi Chad,
    I’m not clear on exactly what you are asking, so if you’ll contact us at O’Reilly Customer Service here, we’d be glad to help you out. (800) 998-9938

  16. had purchased some O’Reilly titles via iTunes that were packaged with stanza. These were not purchased through stanza. Is it possible to get credit for them on “My Bookshelf

  17. Stanza is officially deceased. Upgrading your IOS device to IOS5 makes it explode in a shower of sparks 🙁

    I’m looking at MegaReader as a replacement, does anyone know if it’s possible to hook the O’Reilly catalog up to that?

  18. @Chris Patti

    Stanza is officially *alive* again: the latest update adds iOS 5 compatibility. Good thing b/c there really are no replacements for Stanza in the App Store. I use it exclusively for my ePub reading.