O'Reilly Ebooks Now In Stanza Online Catalog

Just in time for Read an Ebook Week O’Reilly’s 400+ ebooks are now available for direct purchase and download on your iPhone or iPod Touch from within Stanza‘s Online Catalog. Buying ebooks this way gives you the same flexible, DRM-free ebook bundles as buying through oreilly.com (because you are buying from oreilly.com via Stanza). That means 3 ebook formats and free lifetime updates (and did we mention no DRM?).

To celebrate the Stanza news (and Read an Ebook Week) you’ll automatically get 40% off any ebooks purchased on Stanza through March 15 for a limited time.

If you have Stanza on your iPhone or iPod (it’s free — click here to get it), here’s how to get to the O’Reilly Ebook Store. From your Stanza Library, click the Online Catalog link:

Stanza Library.PNG

From there, select “O’Reilly Ebooks” to browse by Bestsellers, New Releases, or All titles:

O'Reilly Catalog.PNG

Select the title you want to see a description:

Select Title.PNG

Book Info.PNG

Press “Add to Cart” to buy the ebook, which will take you through to the O’Reilly shopping cart to complete the transaction (you’ll need to create an O’Reilly account if you don’t already have one). We’re working to make the purchase experience a bit more mobile friendly, but wanted to roll this out right away. There is an awkward step when you’ll see what appears to be some gibberish in a confirmation dialog — go ahead and click download:

Confirm Download.PNG

We’re working with the Stanza folks to try and make that a little cleaner.

If your download is interrupted — or if you ever want to re-download an ebook you’ve already purchased — you can always return to your purchased ebooks by visiting the “My Bookshelf” link from the O’Reilly Catalog in Stanza (or by pointing your iPhone to oreilly.com/e or visiting members.oreilly.com from any web browser):

Select My Bookshelf.PNG

My Bookshelf Sign In.PNG

We’ll be adding new titles, free samples, and more ways to browse, search, and sort in the coming weeks.

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