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Anderson: "It's All About Attention"

Over on Spiegel Online, Chris Anderson does a great job responding to nearly all of the standard old-media responses to new media. Unsurprisingly (I’m sure Wired would have done the same) they pulled one line from a lengthy response to create the provocative title “Maybe Media Will Be a Hobby Rather than a Job.” The full passage is much more useful and nuanced:

In the past, the media was a full-time job. But maybe the media is going to be a part time job. Maybe media won’t be a job at all, but will instead be a hobby. There is no law that says that industries have to remain at any given size. Once there were blacksmiths and there were steel workers, but things change. The question is not should journalists have jobs. The question is can people get the information they want, the way they want it? The marketplace will sort this out. If we continue to add value to the Internet we’ll find a way to make money. But not everything we do has to make money.

The complete interview is worth a read.

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Comment: Anderson: "It's All About Attention"

  1. Chris’ interview, as usual, is more of a promotional gig than genuinely informative. Doesn’t need newspapers, media, etc. Just keep informed from my “trusted sources” via Twitter. And where do you think your trusted sources are getting their info about the Iranian revolution. They are deeply embedded in Iran? They are in the trenches in Iraq and with Ossama in the cave? You are just getting events filtered by your contacts who have no more “genuine” views or insights about what is happening.