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Rolling out Android .apk Files in Ebook Bundles

A distinguishing feature of Google’s Android Market compared to the App Store is that it’s a non-exclusive agreement. That means Android app developers are free to sell their apps in other places.

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With the nearly 200 Microsoft Press ebooks now available through oreilly.com, we’ve begun adding the Android “.apk” application file to our ebook bundle (we’ll be rolling it out for all of our ebooks soon). We don’t yet know if enough people are interested enough to bother installing the application (the process isn’t very friendly) as opposed to just adding the EPUB file (via Bookworm or Aldiko), but thought it worth trying.

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  1. You could make it easy for Android users by offering the books through the Android Marketplace, which IS an easy install.

    However, I don’t think starting with the MS Press books is a good idea (and not for the iPhone either); can’t you put some open source books up? I’d probably pay for Art of Community on Android, for example.

  2. @Josh — we have quite a few apps already for sale in the Android Market, including several on open source technologies and languages. We’ll be adding several hundred more during the first quarter of 2010.

  3. Very new developments are coming from Android because they want to rank them with in 5 OS and more devices are coming from Android and all these devices use one platform called Android Application.
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  4. The easiest installation I’ve had with anything on my Android phone is by scanning a QR code that takes me to the download in the Marketplace. Smart app developers are now including them on the web page.

  5. Google and Apple always seem to be at war. Ok competition is a better word to use than war. Google always does what Apple does not. That’s the major difference between the two companies – while Apple is secretive, Google is quite open. However, there’s a similarity too. They both want to dominate in their niches. If Apple makes a product, they’ll make everything from A-Z and make users dependent on them. Google on the other hand, will put their feet into everything from A-Z and make people dependent on them.

  6. the object of competition is monopoly – Bill gates (I think!)