Bookish Techy Week in Review

Books in Browsers; social networks for teen readers; sharing-enabled Kindles; and ebooks aren't scary.

On occasion, bookish-techy weeks seem to unfold around a theme. This is one of those weeks, and the theme has been “social.” Social reading, social networking, being anti-social – and all in a bookish-techy way. Not to mention, a few Halloween-related items of bookish-techy interest. Read on …

A Bookish-techy “social” event

This bookish-techy social week actually got to a start last week at the Internet Archive’s Books in Browsers conference. BiB-related and/or inspired posts of note:

Social networks for teen readers come and go

Sharing news from Amazon and Wowio

New Nook not news?

So says CrunchGear

The last thing the world needs right now is another Android tablet, especially when the focus for e-readers should be on distinguishing them from tablets and not trying to compete with more capable and connected devices. Amazon is already neck-deep in Kindle sales, and this gamble by Barnes & Noble essentially forfeits their portion of this generation of e-readers.

In honor of a Bookish-Techy Halloween

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