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  1. Cease and desist the use of any graphics from Eric Pier. They are rights managed and should not be used for profit in any manner.

  2. @Eric — Sorry about that. We try to make sure we only use material that’s available under an appropriate license. Clearly that process broke down in this case, so please accept my apologies.

    The images have been removed and deleted from the system.

  3. Maybe viruses help to defend ‘rights’ creating opportunity where it should not be!

  4. These issues and more all the reasons many newspapers and magazines are turning to micro-licensing to distribute their digital publications. Micro-licensing empowers them to connect with and directly engage their readers.

    Specialty publications have used I.P. licensing approaches for years. It won’t be long before book publishers and STM journals do the same.

    Micro-licensing enables content consumption models that draw more readers and subscribers, creates new business models and revenue channels, and flexibly fortifies digital content copyrights. System providers include &

    Micro-licensing is intellectual property rights licensing of copyrights designed with the scale of Internet-based digital distribution in mind, and combined with additional benefits that legacy licensing systems and providers do not or cannot provide.

    For text-based works, organizations like the Copyrights Clearance Center, PARS, and Wrightsmedia, etc. have been around for years, long before the widespread commercial use of the Internet. With micro-licensing, these capabilities and more are now available to vast numbers of consumers and the copyright owners of digital works-of-art.

    Micro-licensing simplifies and automates the complex practices of intellectual property rights licenses. Such systems are designed to process massive numbers of unique licenses via web-based applications accessible by immense numbers of digital consumers. Think iTunes and Netflix. This enables copyright owners to connect directly, if they choose, with the audiences of their works without having to process copyright licenses through third parties.

    Micro-licenses can be combined with digital rights management systems or stand alone. For instance, Adobe Content Server (licensed by Google Books) is a DRM system that requires consumers to register with Adobe to obtain a unique ID. Content Server has rudimentary micro-licensing capabilities.

    College text-book publishers have been using micro-licensing techniques for a few years to permit professors to develop syllabi of different books and chapters of books for their classes. These syllabi are then licensed to students.

    In short, micro-licensing is intellectual property licensing practices updated for Internet scale processing. When applied to text-based works-of-art, the possibilities and opportunities for publishers and readers is likely limitless.

  5. If those rights were stolen from the start, and promises were made by persons and state officials, that weren’t kept; and since the thefts perpetrated on one family continued, because the thieves ‘could’, thieves that weren’t Kinder and had More ganll than heart, so further properties belonging to the same owner’s were stolen by the same offending parties, names changed a little because it was a generation later,  then there was NEVER a chain of title that was honorable, equitable or paid for. When we become so sick with greed and power, it corrupts everything it touches. It starts within a family and bleeds into the neighborhood. Soon it wanders to the County Seat, and finally winds its way to the Governor’s office. It won’t be long, until the cancer can no longer be cut out of one person, family or state. It will plague a nation. Wouldn’t that be a shame?

    An incident I recently learned of puts me to mind of what a sham it was. The perpetrators of the crimes had to continually tell themselves that what they’d done wasn’t so bad, after all, the victims would never know. It’s fine until the victim begins to find out and then it becomes an “Imminence Front,” impending doom awaiting. But the perpetrators don’t stop. They lash and strike with force to kill. They’ve gone so far down the scale of crime, what’s one more sin? They corrupt other family members on their way down so they don’t feel so bad or alone in there deceit. The Imminence Front allows People to forget they’re hiding, and the frauders’ and the corruption grows and those same offenders become so immune to their ways and their thefts, they even begin to steal from their family members.

     But the greatest offense of all comes when the thieves become so bereft of heart and feeling, they do everything, under the sun, to crush the unknowing family member, out of pure greed and selfishness.

    That is the best description of a sociopath that has ever washed down the pike of the Deer Creek Canyon, and flowed into Big Chico Creek. The sound of rushing H2O, good for the soul!


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