Three questions for…Christophe Maire of txtr

The txtr beagle device helps mobile carriers enter the ebook market

1. Ebook adoption in Europe is lagging what we’ve seen in the U.S. What do you feel should be done to increase demand in Europe: Better reading devices, lower prices, something else?

There is no doubt that the demand is here. European consumers are just as keen on ebooks as the rest of the world!┬áThe primary driver is the distribution of attractive devices and competitive services. We have not seen a consistent push, like for B&N’s Nook, in Europe yet – so there is a lot of room for growth and new players have a chance too (i.e. mobile operators, etc.).

2. How is txtr different from the other major ebook players such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Kobo?

In term of content offering we are very similar. We also support all of the same platforms and offer a versatile cloud-centric solution. Our business model is just different as we serve the needs of device makers, mobile operators, and retailers who are starting to realise that they cannot afford to leave the field to Amazon.

3. How can the txtr beagle that you recently launched help drive ebook adoption (see short video below)?

The txtr beagle has specifically been designed for mobile operators (and retailers who sell data plans). It will allow the operator to finally leverage their distribution power to establish a relationship with readers through a credible ebook offering. This is the same channel which has brought mobile navigation and games to the mass market. The beagle is a companion device to smartphones. It is the lightest, smallest, and cheapest way to combine true ePaper with smartphone data plans.

Christophe Maire is the CEO of txtr.

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