The business case for TOC

Don't settle for where the industry is...see where it's actually heading

Tomorrow is the last chance you have to get the best price for TOC NY 2013. We realize that with the current economic conditions we’re all being asked to justify every expense, even ones that contribute to our ongoing education. With that in mind, we’ve developed a list of some of the more important points to help you make the case for attending TOC.

You’ll add to your organization’s bottom line by learning:

  • Which technologies offer significant advantages and which provide exciting business opportunities
  • The questions you need to consider in adopting new business models
  • The opportunities—and challenges—of a global digital marketplace
  • What’s on the horizon for digital design and production
  • Why capturing and understanding consumer data is important
  • How to deal with territorial rights in a digital world
  • The ins and outs of IP reform, fair use, Creative Commons, consumer privacy, and copyright
  • Issues surrounding digital content for libraries
  • The outlook for dedicated devices — will they flourish or perish?
  • How to create a mobile strategy
  • Which parts of the legacy publishing model are worth saving
  • What it really takes to create and operate an effective B2C publishing business

These are just some of reasons you should attend TOC NY 2013. We’ve got even more here along with details on the training and networking opportunities you won’t find at any other event.

Speaking of other events, one attendee said this to me at the end of TOC NY 2012:

The other conferences focus on where the industry currently is; TOC shows us where the industry is heading.

We hope you’ll use this information and the discount code below to join us in NY in February. Be sure to register today before the best price period ends.

TOC NY 2013 — The publishing industry will gather at the Tools of Change for Publishing Conference in New York City, February 12-14, to explore the forces and solutions that are transforming publishing.

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