Knowing when to outsource

Qbend offers an excellent ecommerce platform solution

I was on a call earlier today with John Costa of Qbend. We’re putting together the final outline for the TOC NY session called Connecting to and Engaging Your Ebook Consumers. It’s a session I’m particularly excited about because it covers an extremely important topic for publishers: Establishing a direct sales channel.

One of the themes I’m hearing consistently across the publishing industry is that revenue and internal resources are shrinking. As a result, publishers are being forced to focus on what they do best and outsource the rest.

If you’re not familiar with Qbend I encourage you to learn more about them. They offer a variety of services that might be a good fit for your organization. They’re focusing on creating the best ecommerce experience while you’re able to use more of your limited resources on acquiring and creating great content.

Qbend’s TOC NY session will be a panel discussion that I’ll be moderating. We’ll have two panelists from Qbend as well as a representative from Wolters Kluwer, a Qbend client. Wolters Kluwer partnered with Qbend on an ecommerce site you’ll find here. You’ll notice the site offers PDFs and EPUBs of all the titles but it also lets you buy content by the chapter.

So not only will we talk about the direct channel capabilities Qbend has to offer, you’ll get to hear first-hand why another publisher selected Qbend as their partner and how they worked together to create their ecommerce site. I hope you’ll be able to join us at this session Thursday morning at TOC NY.

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