PlayTales one year later

New apps, new technology, and new statistics

In March 2012, Joe Wikert posted an interview with a new bookstore app startup called PlayTales. Since then the app market has continued to grow, and PlayTales along with it.  My name is Kate Shoaf, PlayTales’ PR and communications manager, and I’d like to tell you how we’ve modified our apps and distribution platforms to suit the ever-changing international app market.

New apps

When we spoke with Joe in 2012 we had just released our first bookstore app, PlayTales Bookstore. This app enabled users to buy and download interactive ebooks individually. In August 2012, we released a new bookstore app, PlayTales Gold, in which users can pay a subscription fee and get unlimited access to all interactive ebooks available in the PlayTales catalog. Last year we were only focused on distribution through the iOS platform, but with the introduction of Google Play we adapted our apps for the Android market as well. PlayTales apps are now available for Kindle and Nook users too.

Enrique Tapias, CEO of PlayTales, comments on the decision to distribute PlayTales apps through other mobile platforms, “We saw the potential multi-platform distribution offered and knew we had to move in that direction. Although iOS is a huge market we couldn’t deny the possibility for growth other mobile platforms presented.”

New publishing technology

New and important changes are about to happen regarding digital publishing—soon everyone will be able to use PlayTales’ technology to digitize and publish their own interactive ebooks. Authors, illustrators, and publishers will have access to the PlayTales Builder wherein they can purchase a publishing license, control the rights and distribution of their work, and digitize their book using Builder’s tutorials and discussion forums for guidance.

“We’ve really tried to simplify the PlayTales Builder so that everyone will be able to use it. You don’t have to be a programmer or graphic designer to digitize your book—we’re confident everyone will love Builder once they try it out,” comments Carlos LLera, head developer of the PlayTales Builder.

New statistics

Since March 2012, PlayTales apps have accumulated over 5 million monthly reads and over 3 million users worldwide. PlayTales apps are within the top 10 apps in iTunes in over 15 countries worldwide.

Future of PlayTales

PlayTales has grown immensely in one year, and we’re hoping for continued growth in the years to come. Within the next five years we plan to become the world leader of the children’s interactive ebook market and have numerous collaborative projects with the biggest global brands out there. We also want to acquire over 20 million users worldwide.

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