The future of educational publishing

An opportunity to participate in Schilling's next industry white paper

The ebook revolution started with the launch of the original Kindle back in late 2007. More than 5 years later the world is now moving away from dedicated e-readers to multifunction tablets. Despite the dramatic rise in ebook sales most students are still lugging around backpacks full of heavy textbooks. Why has this sector been so slow to switch to digital? What does the future of educational publishing look like? What attributes will be required for the successful textbook publisher of the future?

Those are just a few of the questions Schilling is asking as they research their next industry white paper. If you missed their last one on author and publisher relations you can learn more about it and download it here.

Schilling is in the investigation stage for this next report on the education publishing market. They plan to publish this free report in time for TOC Frankfurt in October. If you’re in the education publishing space and would like to participate in this project you can learn more about it here and sign up for an interview here. You can also obtain more details about the report in this downloadable PDF document.

I took part in the interview process for the author/publisher relations report and if you’re in the education publishing space I encourage you to schedule an interview with Schilling for this project.

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