Why Paperight should be distributing your content

Their award-winning platform brings content to the developing world

The opening statement on Paperight’s “about” page says it all:

Paperight turns any business with any printer and an Internet connection into a print-on-demand bookstore.

This isn’t just about distributing content through copy shops though. Paperight helps make content available in the developing world. That’s why Paperight was named “Most Entrepreneurial Startup” from TOC’s Startup Showcase in February. They’re opening an entirely new channel and serving the needs of readers who might otherwise never have access to this content.

That’s also why O’Reilly recently signed an agreement with Paperight. We’re thrilled that Paperight is distributing our content and I want to encourage you to sign up with them as well. You can learn more about the Paperight/O’Reilly distribution deal here.

Please take the time to learn more about Paperight and get your rights team in contact with them.

This post originally appeared on Joe Wikert’s Publishing 2020 site. It’s republished with permission.

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