Chris Kubica

Chris Kubica is a software developer and author. He lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA.

What do you hope for (or fear) in 2013?

Big data and better device and platform connectivity are on my wishlist

After you read these two recent articles about the top book industry stories and happenings of 2012 (and some predictions/hopes for 2013 from some industry gurus):

A Year in Digital Publishing and What To Expect in 2013, from The Literary Platform


Notables of 2012, from Publishers Weekly

you might agree with me that it’s been a mind-bogglingly crazy year of transmogrification, change and upheaval (and excitement!) in the publishing world over the past twelve months. The continued meteoric growth of ebook sales, the [real and imagined] Big Six mergers, the price-fixing collusion debacle, the arrival of gads of new devices like the iPad Mini and Kindle Paperwhite are just a few things that went down/broke loose this year.

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