Keith Fahlgren

Keith Fahlgren is a Publishing Technology Consultant with Threepress. He specializes in helping publishers create effective and engaging digital content and is the co-developer of the innovative ebook reader Ibis Reader. His contributions to the digital publishing ecosystem include developing the ePub output for the open-source DocBook-XSL Stylesheets and spearheading the development of OPDS Catalogs, an attempt to make web-accessible ebooks more discoverable as part of the BookServer project. Keith has spoken widely and was formerly at O'Reilly Media, where he helped design and implement many of their digital publishing workflows.

EPUB Creation Just Got Simpler

BookGlutton makes .epub files easier to create with a simple Web form that accepts an HTML file and returns an .epub file.

TOC Coverage

Pointers to traditional media and blogosphere coverage at the TOC conference.