Sarah Milstein

Happily between gigs right now, Sarah Milstein was until recently UBM TechWeb's GM & Co-chair for Web 2.0 Expo. She's also co-author, with Tim O'Reilly, of The Twitter Book and a frequent speaker on social media for business. Previously, she was on the senior editorial staff at O'Reilly Media, where she founded Tools of Change for Publishing (TOC) and led development of the Missing Manuals. Before joining O'Reilly in 2003, Sarah was a freelance writer and editor, and a regular contributor to The New York Times. She was also the CSA program founder for Just Food, a local-food-and-farms non-profit, and co-founder of Two Tomatoes Records, a label that distributes and promotes the work of children's musician Laurie Berkner. She holds a B.A. from Rutgers University and an M.B.A. from U.C. Berkeley's Haas School of Business. Bonus fact: she was the 21st user of Twitter.

Think of it like a political campaign: Baratunde Thurston's book marketing

Think of it like a political campaign: Baratunde Thurston's book marketing

Inside the promotion of "How To Be Black."

Make it easy for people to help you — that’s a simple but oft-overlooked concept that author Baratunde Thurston says is essential to book marketing. He shares additional marketing tips and tools in this interview.

How Twitter helps a small bookstore thrive

How Twitter helps a small bookstore thrive

Omnivore Books follows a simple Twitter rule: 1/3 personal, 2/3 professional.

Learn how Omnivore Books, a cookbook store in San Francisco, uses Twitter to solidify relationships with customers and break through the publisher blockade.

TOC Highlights

TOC ended on Wednesday afternoon, and in addition to the sessions we’ve already blogged here, I wanted to note a few other highlights that I caught. In the Gadgetopia session, Bill Damon of Harvard Business School Press gave a handy tip: If you want your organization to explore publishing on electronic devices, get some sexy hardware into the hands of…

TOC Day 2

Things are bubbling along very nicely in San Jose, but I was taken aback this morning to realize that being program chair does not mean you can magically attend simultaneous sessions. Dreadful disappointment. On the other hand, I have reams of notes from the juicy presentations I did catch, and I'll be able to share some cool ideas over the…

TOC Day 1

Today was the first day of Tools of Change. As with many O'Reilly conferences, we arranged the event so that this would be a day of tutorials–meaty, how-to sessions for publishers working on new technical challenges. I don't yet know if attendance is an indicator of larger trends, but Digitizing Your Backlist and Incorporating POD Into a Profitable Publishing Strategy…