Everett Zufelt

Everett Zufelt works as a Tech Lead and Scrummaster at Myplanet Digital, a rapidly growing design & technology company specializing in the process and practice of envisioning, designing and building digital products. Everett is passionate about ensuring that information systems are accessible to the broadest possible audience.

Accessible user interfaces

Open platforms and communities lead to a more inclusive world

For readers in a digital age, interaction with content is ubiquitous. We no longer interact with content through paper, e-readers, or tailored apps alone, but via millions of digital products and web properties designed to streamline our consumption. In recent years there has been much effort allocated to ensuring that content can be accessed by the broadest possible audience, including readers with disabilities. At TOC 2013 a panel presented¬†Born Accessible: An up-to-the minute update on the tools, standards, techniques and developments that support ‘Inclusive Publishing’ practices,¬†focusing on tools and techniques for ensuring that digital content is accessible to as many readers as possible. It’s important to ensure that digital content is accessible and well as ensuring the accessibility of the platforms and systems that deliver this content.

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