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Introducing the TOC Affiliate Program

Earn more than credit when you spread the word about TOC

We know you already say good things about TOC. Our community grows stronger every year, and we recognize we can’t take all the credit for that. So this year we’d like to share a little more than credit. Help us spread the word about the TOC NY conference on your site and we’ll pay you for each eligible registration you refer:

3-Day Pass – $100 per eligible registration
2-Day Pass – $100 per eligible registration
1-Day Pass – $50 per eligible registration

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"Amazon Tax" Moves Forward in New York

A judge has dismissed lawsuits from Amazon and Overstock.com challenging New York's "Amazon tax," which was enacted last year. From the Associated Press: The law applies to companies that don't have offices in New York, but have at least one person in the state who works as an online agent — someone who links to a Web site and receives…

Watch the YouTube Video, Buy the Product

YouTube's Content ID service, something we've covered in the past, gives publishers two options for handling unauthorized videos: the material can be removed from YouTube or it can be turned into advertising/revenue opportunities. An article in today's New York Times shows which option Google prefers — Content ID can now be used to associate "click-to-buy" links with video clips:…

Amazon Challenges New York's "Amazon Tax"

As expected, Amazon is challenging New York's recently passed sales tax statute. From Amazon's filed complaint (pdf): Because some independently operated, New York-based websites post advertisements with links to Amazon and are compensated for these advertisements, Amazon is now presumed to have engaged in "solicitation" under this statue … despite the fact that Amazon lacks any physical presence in…