Kindle 2012: Wish-list features for the next model

Kindle 2012: Wish-list features for the next model

Here's a handful of ways Amazon could revolutionize the Kindle.

Amazon is positioned to advance the Kindle platform much faster and further than they have in any 6-12 month period. Joe Wikert outlines new features he'd like to see.

Amazon building its own Android App Market?

Amazon building its own Android App Market?

A look at the pros and cons of an Amazon-run Android market.

While the carriers see the Android Market as an opportunity to build tightly-controlled versions of the Market, non-exclusivity opens the door for companies that (a) know retailing and merchandising much better than Google, (b) aren't in the awkward position of having to play nice with the carriers, and (c) have a global presence independent of carrier coverage and relationships. Enter Amazon.

Ebook Reseller Wishlist/Scorecard

I spend a lot of time talking with companies that want to resell O'Reilly ebooks. Some are large companies you've certainly heard of, others are small startups that haven't yet launched. But what's remarkably consistent is that few of them offer many of the options and features we at O'Reilly consider critical for customers. Because I'm sure these will come…

Rolling out Android .apk Files in Ebook Bundles

A distinguishing feature of Google's Android Market compared to the App Store is that it's a non-exclusive agreement. That means Android app developers are free to sell their apps in other places. With the nearly 200 Microsoft Press ebooks now available through oreilly.com, we've begun adding the Android ".apk" application file to our ebook bundle (we'll be rolling it…

O'Reilly Ebooks Now in Aldiko Online Catalog for Android

The iPhone gets a lot of the attention when it comes to smartphones, but signs point to Android playing a huge role in the growing smartphone market, with 20+ new devices by the end of this year worldwide (like the Motorola Droid). O'Reilly readers with an Android device can now browse and buy via the online catalog in the…

Customer Loyalty for Mobile Devices

Some of the most interesting data on trends in mobile development has been coming from Flurry, an app analytics company (developers insert little snippets of Flurry code in their apps to gather usage data). They've plotted frequency of usage against app "retention" (what percentage of buyers returned to the app within 90 days of downloading it), and put each…

Video: Android meets Eink

Keeping with the "labs" theme for recent posts, via a tweet from George Walkley: Lots of talk about devices at TOC – now just saw this, Android + e-ink http://vimeo.com/3162590 #toc The guys at MOTO labs have hacked together a prototype showing Google's Android operating system running on an e-ink display: Android Meets E Ink from MOTO Development Group on…

Tagging the Real World through Barcode Apps

Mobile phones with barcode apps bring digital tools into real-world curation.

Android Barcode App Connects to Google Book Search

Google has released a nifty Android app that permits the scanning of a book's barcode, enabling the linkage with the corresponding work in Google Book Search. From E-Reads: "Google has announced a book-text search tool called the Barcode Scanner that works with an Android-powered cellphone. According to Google Book Search engineer Jeff Breidenbach, when you download the software into your…

Connecting the Dots Between Google Book Search and Android

Ed Nawotka of Beyond Hall 8 discusses the possibility that the Google Book Search settlement permits them to envision product delivery through Android-capable devices: Perhaps most important of all is how this cements Google as the industry leader in the distribution of digital books. Sure, there's Amazon with its Kindle…and the Sony E-reader…each with hundreds of thousands of titles…