APIs, New "Transactions" and the Google Book Search Registry

At PersonaNonData, Michael Cairns discusses the Google Book Search registry, and muses whether it might support certain types of transactions through an API: How the registry may be formed is anyone's guess, but for sake of argument I envision a pyramidal structure. The identifier segment forms the pointy top layer, bibliographic data the second layer, content the third and the…

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New York Times Movie Reviews Released as API

The New York Times has released an application programming interface (API) to its movie reviews, which is a rather significant feature. From the Times' Open blog: Finally — and this is the key — we're giving you access to our Movies search feature, containing all 22,000 reviews indexed by title, reviewer's name, director's name, names of the top five actors,…

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XML and APIs: Perfect Together

This week's formal announcement of the first three APIs for Google Book Search provides a frame for the "why" in StartWithXML: Why and How? Although Google has confirmed just a few APIs, or application programming interfaces, the firm has clearly opened the door to making book content more easily searchable and findable and, through the use of some standard identifiers,…

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CEOs Must Have API Literacy

With the release of the expanded Google Book Search application programming interface (API) presenting new opportunities and decisions for publishers, Adam Hodgin argues for API-literate CEOs: Why does it matter whether your CEO knows what an API is? It matters because publishers (and newspaper owners, TV networks, film studios, content makers of all shapes) are not going to allow…

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Google Book Search Listings Now Embeddable

Titles from from Google's Book Search index can now be embedded in non-Google Web pages. From Inside Google Book Search: We're launching a set of free tools that allow retailers, publishers, and anyone with a web site to embed books from the Google Book Search index. We are also providing new ways for these sites to display full-text search results…

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EPUB Creation Just Got Simpler

BookGlutton makes .epub files easier to create with a simple Web form that accepts an HTML file and returns an .epub file.

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Google Opens Book Search with API

Google Book Search images and results can now be embedded directly into external Web sites thanks to a new API.

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