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Newspaper Chain Refuses to Renew AP Contract

The Tribune Company, owner of 10 newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, has given the required two years' notice to suspend receipt of Associated Press news. Tribune's move follows cancellations from a number of other papers. From Editor & Publisher: The recent decisions to drop AP service follow the planned AP rate structure change, which…

Story Development Thrives in the Sports Department

The Associated Press recently commissioned an anthropological study into how youth obtain news information. What struck me most was this reference to something a bit orthogonal to the report — the elements of story development. From Ethan Zuckerman's My Heart's in Accra: … the biggest thing I took from report was the connection between sports coverage and other news coverage….

AP Struggles with Digital Growing Pains

A story in the Wall Street Journal looks at how the Associated Press (AP) is struggling to find its place in a very different market for news distribution: Many member newspapers say they support the AP's new-media initiatives and, particularly, its recent efforts to push members' content to mobile devices. The problem, some say, is the organization's perceived insensitivity…