A venture into self-publishing

A venture into self-publishing

Scott Berkun turned to self-publishing with his latest book, "Mindfire." In this TOC podcast, Berkun discusses the experience and says the biggest surprise was the required PR effort. He also says traditional and self-publishing don't need to be polarized options, for authors or for publishers and editors.

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Publishing News: Blogging and the law

Publishing News: Blogging and the law

How to blog and not get sued, magazine apps miss the mark, and a publisher gets aggressive with marketing.

In the latest Publishing News: Bloggers get tips on avoiding lawsuits, magazine publishers are building clunky apps, and Open Road outlines its aggressive marketing techniques.

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[TOC Webcast] Social Media for Publishers

Tools of Change for Publishing will host "Social Media for Publishers," a free webcast with presenter Chris Brogan, on Tuesday, Dec. 16 at 1 p.m. eastern (10 a.m. pacific). Webcast Overview So much of what we hear about blogging, podcasting, social networks, and the rest of the social media toolkit seems to be arbitrary, overly time-consuming, pie-in-the-sky. We might…

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Why Blogging and Social Media Shouldn't be Ignored

Consistent blogging and Web-based interaction often fall by the wayside when other projects demand attention, but venture capitalist Fred Wilson makes a compelling argument for keeping connectivity on the front burner. He charts the trajectory of a recent post focusing on Boxee, one of his investment companies: it went from a blog, to Techmeme, and then looped back into…

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TOC Recommended Reading

Direct-To-Fan: Radiohead, Marillion And The End Of Labels (Robert Andrews, paidContent.org) 80s rock group Marillion, hardly a Top 10 draw nowadays, engages its fans so closely that they funded its latest album to the tune of £360,000. Erik Nielsen, who masterminded the strategy as MD of Marillion's Intact Records business arm, told our London EconMusic conference: "About a decade…

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Writing Novels with Twitter

ReadWriteWeb has a brief survey of mini serialized novels in the U.S.: In Japan, mobile phone novels called "keitai shousetsu" have become so successful that they accounted for half of the ten best-selling novels in 2007. Here in the Western world several would-be novelists are attempting to use Twitter to create the same phenomenon. Some of the novels tweeted so…

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Twitter Faces Ramifications of Not Being Global

Twitter, the microblogging service, has had an uneven rollout of an economic model, and was never able to come to good terms on payments for instant messaging (SMS) through its application with mobile carriers abroad. Consequently, it has limited its instant message functionality to North America. On his blog, White African, Erik Hersman talks about the ramifications when you…

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Guardian Blazes New Media Trail with paidContent.org Acquisition

According to Kara Swisher, The Guardian Media Group has purchased ContentNext, publisher of paidContent.org, for more than $30 million. ReadWriteWeb says this acquisition and separate open-data initiatives have pushed The Guardian to the head of the media pack: What do you get when you combine cutting edge tech openness with some of the leading new media publishers online? A kick…

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The Upside of Publisher Blogs

Booksquare's Kassia Krozser explains the benefits of publisher blogs: Just as authors need to better market themselves and their books, so do publishers. While the audience for a publisher website is diverse — authors, booksellers, journalists, agents, readers, and more — talking about books on your website the same way you talk about books in your catalog simply isn't…

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