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The Holocene: TOC Startup Showcase Finalist

A direct-to-consumer multimedia micromagazine and platform

We’re giving our readers a chance to get to know our TOC Startup Showcase Finalists a little bit better before the big showdown in NYC. We’re featuring the startups with a personality profile here on our website.

Our next profile is from Kim Werker, Brett Sandusky, and Corey Pressman from The Holocene.

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TOC Trifecta: This week’s must-reads (10/11/12)

A healthy dose of Shakespeare, discovery, and recovery

  1. Shakespeare for the rest of us — Thanks to the new Sourcebooks product I might even be able to understand Shakespeare now.
  2. Rethinking discovery — It’s not about bestsellers but it does require both curation and algorithms.
  3. Five stages of publishing grief — Where are you in this process. Our weekly newsletter can help you get from denial to acceptance in record time, so sign up today.
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