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The reinvention of the bookseller

The reinvention of the bookseller

Coffee shops were game changers for bookstores in the '90s. What's next?

Once booksellers accept the reality they can no longer just sell books, they can begin evolving into something dynamic and unique.

B&N Considering Borders Acquisition

When Borders announced its exploration of "strategic alternatives" in March, speculation marked Barnes & Noble as a possible suitor. The Wall Street Journal says B&N is taking that speculation seriously — it's assembled an advisory team to study an acquisition of its brick-and-mortar competitor. From the WSJ: That Barnes & Noble is contemplating a bid illustrates how competitive book retailing…

Amazon Growth Fuels Online's Book Market Share

Online retailers claim 21-30 percent of the consumer trade book market, according to two recent surveys. Publishers Weekly says much of this growth comes from Amazon: In discussing their 2007 results, both Penguin's David Shanks and Simon & Schuster's Carolyn Reidy said the e-tailer was their fastest-growing account last year, while Quarto Group chairman Laurence Orbach noted that sales…