Maps aren't easy

Maps aren't easy

Pete Warden on digital map creation and data journalism tools.

Data-centric news organizations are using maps to effectively tell stories, but these features don't come easy. In this interview, Pete Warden discusses the grunt work that goes into map creation and the tools that can make it a little easier.

Publishing News: Week in Review

Publishing News: Week in Review

Amazon launched Cloud Drive, the Google Books settlement might get complicated, and good data leads to good business.

In the latest Publishing News: Amazon extended its reach into the cloud, Dana Newman looked at overlapping issues between the Google Book settlement and Golan v. Holder, and what publishers need to do with all that data.

For publishing, sales info is the tip of the data iceberg

For publishing, sales info is the tip of the data iceberg

Publishers have data, but they need to know what to do with it.

Kirk Biglione, partner at Oxford Media Works, talks about how publishers can gather various types of data and put it to use.

Open question: Do you trust market research surveys?

Open question: Do you trust market research surveys?

A deluge of recent ebook and ereader research raises a host of methodology questions.

As the publishing industry is inundated with statistics about user behavior, how do we determine if the reported numbers are accurate, and whether they are meaningful?

New York Times Movie Reviews Released as API

The New York Times has released an application programming interface (API) to its movie reviews, which is a rather significant feature. From the Times' Open blog: Finally — and this is the key — we're giving you access to our Movies search feature, containing all 22,000 reviews indexed by title, reviewer's name, director's name, names of the top five actors,…

Publishing Lessons from Web 2.0 Expo

A collection of publishing-centric takeaways from the recent Web 2.0 conference in New York City.

CEOs Must Have API Literacy

With the release of the expanded Google Book Search application programming interface (API) presenting new opportunities and decisions for publishers, Adam Hodgin argues for API-literate CEOs: Why does it matter whether your CEO knows what an API is? It matters because publishers (and newspaper owners, TV networks, film studios, content makers of all shapes) are not going to allow…

Guardian Blazes New Media Trail with paidContent.org Acquisition

According to Kara Swisher, The Guardian Media Group has purchased ContentNext, publisher of paidContent.org, for more than $30 million. ReadWriteWeb says this acquisition and separate open-data initiatives have pushed The Guardian to the head of the media pack: What do you get when you combine cutting edge tech openness with some of the leading new media publishers online? A kick…

Researchers: Government Should Build Reusable Data, Not Web Sites

In a paper going around quite rapidly, researchers argue that the government should move to emphasize structured, reusable data over solely user-facing Web portals. From Ars Technica: A new paper from researchers at Princeton University suggests a different strategy. David Robinson, Harlan Yu, William Zeller, and Ed Felten, all of Princeton's Information Technology Policy Center, suggest that government officials…

The Importance of Viewing the World as Readers Do

Publishers who turn data into something readers find truly useful stand a much better chance of success.