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Next Issue: Why I recommissioned my old iPad

Their $14.99/month all-you-can-eat option is a winner

I had to take my first-gen iPad out of mothballs for this one. I’m talking about the Next Issue service and app. Like most of you I’ve let my print magazine subscriptions lapse over the past several years. I spend less than $150/year on my remaining subscriptions and more than half of that is just for one, The Week, which is highly recommended, btw. So why would I sign up for an online magazine subscription program that will cost me $15/month, or $180/year? Because it’s terrific.

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An Argument Against "Freemium" Content

The "pay to remove ads" model — also known as "freemium" — is inherently flawed, argues Andrew Parker: Why? Because the people in your audience with disposable income who are willing to pay for web services are the same ones that will self-select out of your audience for your ads. So, all that remains in your audience are people…

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BN.com Selling Digital Magazine Subscriptions and Back Issues

Barnes & Noble is now selling print and digital magazine subscriptions through its Web site. According to a B&N press release, the service contains more than 1,000 magazine titles and 12,000 back issues. Digital editions are handled by Zinio, the company that also manages B&N's "See Inside" book preview tool. M2 Media Group is managing print subscription fulfillment. Commenting on…

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