Where are the apps for ereaders?

Developers and ereader vendors are missing an app opportunity

I read on my GlowLight NOOK much more frequently than I read on my Asus Transformer tablet. I’d say there’s at least a 10:1 differential, so for every hour I read on my tablet I read at least 10 hours on my Glowlight Nook. I’ll bet I’m not alone and people who own both an E Ink device and a tablet probably do much more reading on the former. So why is the apps ecosystem limited to tablets? Why are there no add-on apps for E Ink devices in general?

In a recent TOC newsletter we asked readers “What do you wish your ereader could do?” We received quite a few replies, but one of the more interesting ones came from a person who said they’d like to have apps like Flipboard, Zite and Pulse on their E Ink device. I found that interesting because those are the apps (along with News360) I use almost every day on my tablet. If there were Nook E Ink versions, that 10:1 ratio noted earlier would probably become 50:1 as there would be less reason for me to switch to my tablet for reading.

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Readius Rollable E-Reader at Frankfurt Book Fair

The Readius rollable e-reader will be presented at this week's Frankfurt Book Fair, according to the Readius official blog. First announced in July, the Readius is a cell-phone-sized gadget that includes a five-inch rollable E Ink display. Related Stories: New Sony E-Reader Has Touchscreen, No Web Connection iRex's Large E-Reader Aimed at Business Crowd The Pitfalls of Publishing's E-Reader…

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What Does Esquire's E Ink Cover Mean for Print Publishing?

My take: Print's future hinges on content, not technology. What do you think?

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News Roundup: Sony Reader Now Supports EPUB, Esquire Using E Ink on September Cover, What Authors Can Learn from Silicon Valley

Sony Reader Now Supports EPUB and Digital Editions The new firmware for the Sony Reader (model PRS-505) supports EPUB and Adobe Digital Editions. From MobileRead: I can now confirm that this particular speculation seems to have proved out: the new firmware (available sometime today, July 24th) will include support for both epub and Adobe's Digital Editions. It will also…

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First E Ink Magazine Cover Coming in September

Esquire will use E Ink technology to declare "the 21st Century Begins Now" on 100,000 flashing copies of its September issue. David Granger, Esquire's editor in chief, discusses the first E Ink-driven magazine cover with New York Times: … on its own, the magazine will run out of juice after 90 days. Mr.Granger knows some will see the cover…

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Future Electronic Paper Display Devices

Nice overview of electronic paper display (EPD) technologies at Computerworld: [Fujitsu's] Fabric PC looks like a soft trifolded portfolio. Opened, it reveals a flat keyboard on one panel and a display on the other — a display that wraps under the keyboard. Unfold the keyboard as well and the entire inner surface of the device is an EPD screen…

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