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Publishing News: Ownshelf tests ebook lending waters

A Dropbox-style ebook lending startup, the importance of libraries in publishing's fragile ecosystem, and 37Signals' responsive text editing.

Here are a few stories from the publishing space that caught my attention this week.

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Publishing News: Consumers say the future of storytelling is all about interaction

How audiences want to experience stories, B&N's price of admission, and ebook bumping.

Here are a few stories that caught my attention in the publishing space this week.

Audiences want to be part of the story

Martin Bryant at The Next Web took a look this week at the first phase of research company Latitude’s new project, The Future of Storytelling. The group interviewed 158 pioneers in the media space to find out just how audiences want to experience stories in the future. Bryant reports that respondents’ “key demands are summarized in Latitude’s report as ‘The 4 I’s’: Immersion, Interactivity, Integration and Impact.”

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Significant data from the study includes consumer desire to have an effect on story direction (think soap operas or serial TV dramas and deciding what happens to a character, for instance); to have stories told on multiple platforms and to cross over platforms; and to actually participate in the story in the real world. One respondent is quoted in the study report (PDF):

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