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Textbooks should not be consumed in isolation

Textbooks should not be consumed in isolation

How Inkling brings a community of learners into the textbook experience.

In this TOC Podcast, Matt MacInnis, founder and CEO of Inkling, talks about how his company is designing textbooks to treat content as one of the ways to learn from the book.

Does digital text create a cognitive gap?

Does digital text create a cognitive gap?

A study finds electronic text may disrupt learning techniques.

Students and professors have anxiously anticipated the replacement of analog textbooks with digital options. As it turns out, however, current technology might actually hinder learning.

TOC Preview: The Future of Digital Textbooks

Technology is driving change in the way people teach, learn, and create. The impact of technology on teaching and learning in K-12, higher education, and professional learning has been profound, and, while no one can predict the future, it's safe to say this transformation has only just begun. At next week's Tools of Change for Publishing conference, a session titled…

Four roles for publishers: staying relevant when you are no longer a gatekeeper

In many areas of publishing, there are enormous resources of free
online material and innumerable forums where individuals can quickly
and conveniently post their own observations. Since we are no longer
gatekeepers, publishers have to focus on how we add quality.

Vanishing Paper in Higher Education

Christopher Conway has a thoughtful essay at Inside Higher Ed on the seemingly inevitable trend towards digital text consumption: It is becoming increasingly easier to put together affordable 'readers' or anthologies culled from existing print material without bypassing rights and fees and without overloading students with unnecessary expense. If this wave of the future takes hold and becomes the…

The Confusion Between Content and Containers

The digital realm allows content and containers to exist separately, but their old bond is still tough to break