Long-form content counterbalances short-form, for consumption as well as creation

Ev Williams on Medium and giving quality content a place.

The Internet gave rise to a plethora of short-attention-span content — one need only look to blog platforms, status updates, and the number of people skilled in writing in 140-characters. In recent months, however, we’re seeing an uptick in the desire for (and production of) deeper, quality content and long-form journalism on the web. Read more…

Publishing News: Apple’s used iBookstore?

Apple's used digital content patent, B&N's uncertain fate, and Ev Williams chats with Jason Calacanis about Medium.

Apple patent points to used digital resale

Apple_logo_black_smQuick on Amazon’s heels, Apple has filed its own patent for selling or loaning used digital content, including ebooks, music, movies, and software applications. Mikey Campbell reported at Apple Insider that the patent, published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark office, “provides for the authorized access to digital content, otherwise known as digital rights, to be transferred from one user to another.” He noted that Apple’s patent differs from Amazon’s in that Amazon’s establishes a marketplace environment and Apple’s “decentralizes the process by taking the online store out of the equation.” Campbell quoted from the patent:

“Alternatively, instead of a third party determining whether one or more criteria are satisfied, the first (or second) user’s device makes the determination and may be responsible for preventing the first user’s device from further consuming the digital content item. In some embodiments, the online store and/or the publisher of the digital content item may receive a portion of the proceeds of the transfer.”

Read more…

What to expect at TOC NY 2013

The brainiac party at the intersection of publishing & digital innovation

Next year’s Tools of Change for Publishing Conference (TOC) lands in NYC February 12-14, 2013. We’d love to see you there! I’m writing to encourage you to register by Thursday, November 8, to get the best price on registration.

My co-chair Joe Wikert and I are focused on one goal: to intelligently blend proven publishing tools and techniques you can put to work immediately with forward-looking insights that will help you plan for the future. We want these three days to be the most useful, mind-broadening, and fun, work-related days of 2013 for you.

Joe and I are developing a program that melds the practical with the inspiration we all need. Ev Williams will tell us about his new post-Twitter venture, Medium. Jennifer 8. Lee’s panel on a digital-first business model will be an eye-opener for us all. BrainpickingsMaria Popova plans to explore “curating in a world of abundance.” Henry Jenkins will share insights about “spreadable media.”

And that’s just a small taste of what you’ll find at TOC 2013. Check out the agenda to see for yourself.

As in previous years, the action may start with the official agenda, but that’s not where it ends. TOC’s “hallway track” offers unrivaled opportunities for networking with fellow attendees, exhibitors, and speakers during the sessions, meals, breaks — and, of course — at TOC’s legendary parties.

Preview the program, and register by Thursday November 8, 2012 to reserve your spot at publishing’s most significant annual gathering — and to save up to $400.

Hope to see you in New York February 12-14!