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Use Publishing Experiments as a Guide

Kevin Anderson's recent post on the future of newspapers reiterates the importance of digital experimentation — a vital topic that extends well beyond newspaper publishing: The difference between the late 1990s and now is that cost of editorial experimentation has dropped almost to zero in some cases. Creative use of freely available web tools can achieve most editorial goals, and…

Nabokov's Final Novel: The Perfect Mash-Up Source

It'll never happen, but the 50 index cards containing notes on Vladimir Nabokov's "The Original of Laura" would make for an interesting digital publishing experiment.

The Future of the Book

Ben Vershbow's talk at today's TOC Conference titled Books as Conversations reminds me that I need to visit The Institute for the Future of the Book more often. Ben is going through some of the fascinating, and successful, experiments being conducted there, such as Gamer Theory, The Googlization of Everything, Without Gods, and several more. Most impressive is the visualization…