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Harlequin Embeds Hyperlinks in New Ebook

Harlequin is adding interactivity to its ebooks under the banner "Enriched Editions." The first title to get the enriched treatment is Unmasked, a romance story chosen for its historical tie-ins. From a Harlequin press release: Unmasked … has been enriched with interactive buttons that hyperlink to Web sites containing photos, historical commentaries, illustrations, sound effects, maps, articles and more ……

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Harlequin as Innovator

Did you know that Harlequin, the romance novel publisher, is one of the most innovative when it comes to embracing and developing Web 2.0 technologies? And did you know that their readers are driving early adoption of ebooks and social networking? Brent Lewis, Director, Internet & Digital for Harlequin Enterprises Ltd., is in the midst of discussing many of their…

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