Second "Open Feedback" Title Now Online

Over on the O'Reilly Labs blog, Keith Fahlgren talks about the latest title to go live in our Open Feedback Publishing System, which gives authors and readers a way to discuss a book while it's being written. The latest book, Building iPhone Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, also features a very nice upgrade to the system's CSS (its look-and-feel)….

Video: Android meets Eink

Keeping with the "labs" theme for recent posts, via a tweet from George Walkley: Lots of talk about devices at TOC – now just saw this, Android + e-ink http://vimeo.com/3162590 #toc The guys at MOTO labs have hacked together a prototype showing Google's Android operating system running on an e-ink display: Android Meets E Ink from MOTO Development Group on…

At TOC: Bookworm Online EPUB Reader Now Part of O'Reilly Labs

Update: There are now 400+ shiny DRM-free EPUB books from O'Reilly if you want to give Bookworm a test drive. Much of what's on our complete list with a green "E" next to it is available in EPUB and is Bookworm-friendly (the rest is just PDF for now, but you'll get the EPUB as a free update when it's available)….