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Next Issue: Why I recommissioned my old iPad

Their $14.99/month all-you-can-eat option is a winner

I had to take my first-gen iPad out of mothballs for this one. I’m talking about the Next Issue service and app. Like most of you I’ve let my print magazine subscriptions lapse over the past several years. I spend less than $150/year on my remaining subscriptions and more than half of that is just for one, The Week, which is highly recommended, btw. So why would I sign up for an online magazine subscription program that will cost me $15/month, or $180/year? Because it’s terrific.

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Publishing News: Blogging and the law

Publishing News: Blogging and the law

How to blog and not get sued, magazine apps miss the mark, and a publisher gets aggressive with marketing.

In the latest Publishing News: Bloggers get tips on avoiding lawsuits, magazine publishers are building clunky apps, and Open Road outlines its aggressive marketing techniques.