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Tricky Relationship Between Mainstream Media and Citizen Journalism

Citizen journalism took a beating last week when a post on CNN's iReport incorrectly reported that Steve Jobs had suffered a heart attack. (The post has been removed, but Google still has a cached version.) Over at BuzzMachine, Jeff Jarvis pushes through the ensuing cit-j firestorm and redirects the conversation: It may be a mistake for news organizations to keep…

The Rise of Freelancers

Multi-skilled journalists who can handle the rigors of freelancing may soon be in high demand as mainstream media adapts to new forms of information consumption. Former BBC reporter Angela Saini discusses her jump into the freelancing fray: I was trained by ITN and BBC News to produce, film and edit as a lone-working video and audio reporter. Although I'm…

Content Owners and Consumers Need Digital Quid Pro Quo

Digital delivery requires concessions from content owners and consumers — but both sides must be mindful of going too far.