U.S. News Shifts Focus to Digital

U.S. News & World Report is pulling the plug on its regular print edition. From the Washington Post: The financially struggling magazine, which cut back to biweekly publication earlier this year, now plans to reinvent itself on the Web. While it will publish one print edition each month, according to staffers briefed on the decision, these will be entirely…

Could a Young Newspaper Company Still Succeed?

The Internet is usually fingered as the key disruptor for newspapers, but could change also come from leaner, smaller and younger print publications? James Erik Abels mulls this over at Forbes.com The newspaper industry's cost structure, staffing and share price are based on an outdated business model that continues to define financial expectations. So the goal would be to slough…

Sulzberger: "Be of the Internet, Not on the Internet"

Arthur Sulzberger Jr. indicates he is willing to consider radical change to continue the New York Times' relevance in the digital age. From News.com: Sulzberger would brand this not as a crisis, but rather as change that requires adaptation. "It's important for traditional companies to adopt strategies that enable us to be of the Internet, not on the Internet,"…

Newspaper Chain Refuses to Renew AP Contract

The Tribune Company, owner of 10 newspapers including the Los Angeles Times and the Chicago Tribune, has given the required two years' notice to suspend receipt of Associated Press news. Tribune's move follows cancellations from a number of other papers. From Editor & Publisher: The recent decisions to drop AP service follow the planned AP rate structure change, which…

The Digital Generation and E-Readers are Tied Together

Over on Radar, Nick Bilton from the New York Times R&D group weighs in on the future of paper and e-readers: A common response to the prospect of an eReader is, "But I love the feel of paper, I love a good book in my hands." I can empathize with that sentiment, but I don't think the digital generation can….

Politico Expanding Staff, Circulation and Ad Space

Politico doesn't shy from a challenge. The upstart political news outlet is expanding its newsroom, increasing its circulation, and claiming tough-to-sell advertising space from other media outlets. From the New York Times: Looking for a new revenue source, it recently created Politico Network, working with a handful of newspapers, including The Atlanta Journal-Constitution and The Plain Dealer in Cleveland….

The Rise of Freelancers

Multi-skilled journalists who can handle the rigors of freelancing may soon be in high demand as mainstream media adapts to new forms of information consumption. Former BBC reporter Angela Saini discusses her jump into the freelancing fray: I was trained by ITN and BBC News to produce, film and edit as a lone-working video and audio reporter. Although I'm…

TOC Recommended Reading

On Being Positive in August (Adam Hodgkin, Exact Editions) Publishers need to consider the possibility that anything that can be published, will certainly be published digitally, and will, in principle, be available anywhere from many devices. That does not mean that it all will be free (why should it mean that?). But it does mean that it will either…

Links: The Simple Solution for Context

News consumers searching for context can be served through the Web's simplest tool: hyperlinks.

Story Development Thrives in the Sports Department

The Associated Press recently commissioned an anthropological study into how youth obtain news information. What struck me most was this reference to something a bit orthogonal to the report — the elements of story development. From Ethan Zuckerman's My Heart's in Accra: … the biggest thing I took from report was the connection between sports coverage and other news coverage….