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Web Publicity + Free = A Fighting Chance

Sci-fi author Scott Sigler uses podcasts, giveaways and grassroots Web marketing to build interest in his work. We've covered Sigler in the past, but his recent interview with The Independent illustrates the value lesser-known writers can derive from Web-based brand building and free distribution: Sigler's thinking — and this is the revolutionary bit — is that it's worth making…

Podcasts and Web Promotion Boost Authors

The San Francisco Chronicle profiles Scott Sigler and Seth Harwood, two authors who have used podcasting, free downloads, blogs and social media to develop audiences and attract attention from publishers. Sigler sees a connection between his efforts and public broadcasting: Sigler … likens his distribution method to that of public broadcasting, adding that giving away content pays off even if…

Roundup: Green Books, Podcasts by Cellphone

Simon & Schuster new children’s line to use eco-friendly manufacturing; Branding opportunity through cell phones.