Publishers Pushing to Meet Russert Book Demand

Random House and Hyperion Books are rushing to meet demand for Tim Russert's two books, Wisdom of Our Fathers and Big Russ & Me. From Newsday: Carol Schneider, executive director of publicity at Random House, reports that the company is immediately printing 100,000 paperbacks of "Wisdom" that began shipping yesterday [6/16/08]. Likewise, Hyperion Books has gone back to press…

Open Question: What is the Best Use for Print on Demand?

Is print on demand best suited for short print runs and Long Tail plays, or can it be used for more? Come share your thoughts on POD.

Trees, Not Ebooks, Are the Real Source of Publishing's Worry

Seth Godin is worried about the focus on paper, and how much it costs: I worry about my esteemed friends in the book publishing industry as well. The amazing thing about the Times story today was the report that the mood at BEA was "unease" about ebooks. The fastest-growing, lowest cost segment of the business, the one that offers…