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Speaking as a publishing recruiter and author

The best talent isn't always in the most obvious places

Mining dollars from the digital age. It’s what every publisher is concerned with lately. In my day job as recruiter, as I like to say, I’ve clinically observed publishers struggling with the new realities. By night, as I assume my guise as publisher and author, I join in the industry’s goal to utilize the latest e-tools to sell content.

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Apple's in-app shift: What does it mean for publishers?

Apple's in-app shift: What does it mean for publishers?

Readability's Richard Ziade on the softening of Apple's in-app subscription rules.

As Apple softens its position on in-app subscription rules, publishing companies and developers gain more elbow room. Richard Ziade, founding partner of Readability, says resulting simplicity and flexibility could result in more interesting iOS apps.

Calling Google a Publisher Underestimates its Platform

Misrepresenting Google and other platform companies limits opportunities for publishers.